RAPID REACTION: Federal Budget 2013 – experts respond

Tue May 14, 2013

Experts address how the latest announcements will impact on research, the Murray Darling Basin and the Great Barrier Reef. The AusSMC will be adding further expert analysis over the coming days.

RAPID REACTION: Banning of super-trawler criticised – expert responds

Tue Sep 18, 2012

Several reports have appeared in the media criticising Environment Minister Tony Burke’s moves to ban the super-trawler Abel Tasman (the re-named Margiris).  

RAPID REACTION: Super-trawler Margiris arrives in Australian waters – experts respond

Thu Aug 30, 2012

Super-trawler, The Margiris, has arrived in South Australia today. The ship is likely to hoover up 18,000 tonnes of baitfish from Australia’s southern fisheries and is the subject of controversy because Independent MP Andrew Wilkie says the ship’s owner, Gerry Geen, was improperly allowed to remain at a meeting on March 26 where the quotas […]

ROUND-UP: The economic benefits of mangroves (PNAS) – expert responds

Wed Aug 1, 2012

ROUND-UP: The economic benefits of mangroves (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences*) – expert responds Embargo lifted at 5am AEST Tue 31 July Mangroves around the world are under increasing threat from land conversion for urban and agricultural development. Yet, although mangroves cover only 0.7% of tropical forests, they store a disproportionately high amount of […]

RAPID REACTION: World’s largest marine reserve to be in Australian waters – expert response

Fri Nov 25, 2011

The Australian Government has just announced the proposed establishment of the world’s largest marine protected area in the waters of the Coral Sea that fall within Australia’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). The proposed Coral Sea Commonwealth Marine Reserve covers approximately 989 842 square kilometres – an area of ocean more than half the size of […]

RAPID REACTION: Culling great white sharks in Western Australia – experts respond

Mon Oct 24, 2011

Following recent shark attacks in Western Australia the state government is apparently considering a cull and has given the go-ahead for any great white sharks to be killed if they pose a threat to human life.

RAPID ROUNDUP: Beached whales in Tasmania – experts respond

Fri Jan 23, 2009

The discovery of 50 beached sperm whales in the northwest of Tasmania, sparked rescue attempts by Wildlife officials this morning. The Australian Science Media Centre has gathered comments from experts as to why this strange behaviour occurs.