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We aim to better inform public debate on the major issues of the day by improving links between the media and the scientific community.

NEWS BRIEFING: Latest Kirby Institute stats – STIs still rising, but there’s hope for killer hep C


Click here to follow a recording of the entire briefingEMBARGO LIFTED 01.00 AEST MON SEP 14

The latest stats from the UNSW Kirby Institute’s annual surveillance report once again paint a mixed picture of Australians’ sexual health. The report, which is one of two national surveillance studies to be released at the World STI & HIV Congress 2015 in Brisbane on Monday, contains some worrying news: HIV diagnoses remain high, syphilis and gonorrhoea continue to climb on the back of record syphilis rates reported last year, chlamydia remains a major issue, particularly for the young, and STIs continue to affect Indigenous Australians disproportionately. read more

EXPERT REACTION: Can you ‘catch’ Alzheimer’s from contaminated injections? (Nature)



Brain damage found in autopsies of six out of eight patients with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) – the condition associated with eating ‘mad cow disease’ contaminated meat – is strikingly similar to the damage done by Alzheimer’s disease, according to UK scientists. read more

NEWS BRIEFING: The last five years of assisted reproduction in Australia


EMBARGO LIFTED 01:01 AEST Friday Sep 11Click here to follow a recording of the entire briefing

The Assisted Reproductive Technology in Australia and New Zealand 2013 report, by UNSW’s National Perinatal Epidemiology and Statistics Unit (NPESU), is due out on Friday. The report contains data about IVF cycles undertaken in 2013 and the resulting babies born in 2013 and 2014. It also summarises the changes in techniques and practices seen between 2008 and 2013. read more

EXPERT REACTION: Radiation therapy may undermine cancer treatment by suppressing the immune system (Nature Immunology)


EMBARGOED LIFTED 01:00 AEST Tue 8 Sep 2015

In a strange paradox, radiation therapy used to treat skin cancer could actually make the situation worse by depressing the body’s immune system directly around the tumour. The research by American scientists was done in mice and found that radiation doesn’t kill all cells in the area. Specialised immune cells in the skin called Langerhans cells are highly resistant to radiation, and migrate to lymph nodes after treatment where they trigger regulatory cells to suppress the body’s local immune response. Any tumour cells that survived the radiation can then multiply. read more

BACKGROUND BRIEFING – Drugged and depressed: Mental health in country Australia


Click here to follow a recording of the entire briefingRural Australians are far more likely to suffer from depression than those from metropolitan areas, and regional cities have much more trouble with drug abuse. With nearly a third of our population living outside our major cities, are we doing enough to help those in need? Join us for this online media briefing when experts will discuss why suicide and substance abuse is such problem in rural Australia, and what is being done to help those struggling with mental health and drug problems around the country. read more

EXPERT REACTION: NSW flooding and Jerrara Dam evacuation


The NSW State Emergency Services (SES) has issued an alert for Jerrara Dam suggesting dam failure is imminent. The NSW SES has directed local residents to evacuate.

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EXPERT REACTION: Vaccine for broad protection against influenza (Nature Medicine)*


The development of a universal flu vaccine that is effective against a range of influenza viruses may be a step closer after US and Japanese researchers developed a nanoparticle vaccine that targets a particular part of influenza viruses – the stem – which varies little between strains.
Seasonal influenza vaccines need to be continually updated in order to provide protection against an ever-changing virus, but this vaccine developed for one subtype of influenza, completely protected mice and partially protected ferrets against a different subtype. read more

EXPERT REACTION: Government rejects adding Meningococcal B vaccine to PBS


Parents will face a $500 bill to vaccinate their child against meningococcal B after the government’s Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) again rejected subsidising the vaccine on the PBS, late today. The recommendation is available here read more

EXPERT REACTION: Working long hours linked to higher risk of stroke (The Lancet)*


Working 55 hours or more per-week is linked to a 33 per cent greater risk of stroke and a more modest 13 per cent increased risk of developing coronary heart disease, compared with working a standard 35 to 40 hour week, according to an international study involving over 600,000 individuals.

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EXPERT REACTION: Cut fat not carbs to lose body fat (Cell Metabolism)*


A US study has found a low fat diet is better at reducing body fat than a low carb one, at least in the short term. The researchers confined 19 people to a metabolic ward and closely controlled what they ate – cutting either fats or carbohydrates for a 6 day period. The researchers found that carbohydrate restriction led to a loss of 53 grams per day of body fat, while fat restriction lead to 89 grams per day of fat loss. The authors caution against making sweeping conclusions on how to diet based on this study. read more