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Five-year evaluation of the AusSMC

In 2011, the AusSMC commissioned an independent evaluation of the Centre’s first five years of operation which showed enormous support for the Centre amongst journalists, scientists and media managers.  View an online copy of the report here.

Expert working group

In 2010, the Australian Government launched the Inspiring Australia initiative, seeking to generate a coherent, nation-wide approach to the communication of the sciences in Australia. As part of the initiative, six Expert Working Groups were commissioned to develop recommendations for enhancing science engagement in a variety of areas.

The Expert Working Group on Science and the Media was chaired by AusSMC Ceo, Dr Susannah Eliott and brought together a diverse group of experts from the research, entertainment, news, magazine, new media, education and science communication sectors.   A series of recommendations were developed that could help strengthen the media’s role in communicating science and ultimately increase public participation in and engagement with science.  Click here for the Working Groups’ full report Science and the media: from ideas to action or try the Inspiring Australia website.

Reporting science in regional media

Identifying the needs of regional journalists in Victoria

In late 2009, the Australian Science Media Centre undertook a survey of journalists in regional Victoria to better identify their needs when reporting science.

This project was funded through a grant from the Victorian Government through the Victorian Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development.

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