Why the AusSMC can help you:

Our remit is to better inform public debate on the major issues of the day by improving links between the media and the scientific community and increasing the accuracy of scientific coverage in the news.

The AusSMC has gained a reputation for being independent, fast and accurate, and for delivering good science in the form and time-frame needed for news.  We work closely with all the major news outlets in Australia (and many further afield) and are used to dealing with controversial and sensitive topics under tight deadlines.

The AusSMC now has over 900 journalists who have actively registered to receive our alerts. While most of the issues we cover are driven by the level of media interest, the AusSMC also plays a role in providing journalists with heads-up on emerging issues and upcoming stories.

We are not attempting to promote our own name and work constantly with the most-respected scientific journals and institutions. It is however important to note that we are a service for the news media not a PR service and while our activities can help promote your institution this is not our primary role.

We are also part of an international network of Science Media Centres meaning that the work we produce is shared around the world.