Expert Reactions

Scientific and medical journals are a regular source of scientific news, but making sense of them can be a nightmare. Our ‘Expert Reaction’ service provides journalists with context and independent expert comment to help decipher the research. This is all done while the story is still under embargo so that the comments and opinions of experts can be incorporated into stories as they are being written.

Expert Reactions can also be issued when a story is breaking that has a science angle – in this context, the Expert Reaction is a series of unedited quotes from experts in the relevant area who are up to date on the story and willing to talk.  This reaction to a breaking story can be invaluable as a source of direct quotes, as a gauge of expert opinion and background information or as a source of talent for interview. Expert reactions are issued as soon as possible after a story breaks. Register here to receive expert reactions

SMC Picks

SMC Picks is a popular email service issued each Tuesday and Friday with content related to these stories available to registered journalists via our science news portal, Scimex. It alerts journalists to what the AusSMC considers the most newsworthy events, new research, reports and related material being published in scientific journals around the world that week.  Other information such as upcoming conferences, government reports and other relevant events is often included. Register here to receive SMC Picks

Find an Expert

Need help getting your head around a complex issue or looking for an expert to quote in your story? The AusSMC has 4,000+ experts on file who cover every topic from alcohol addiction to zoology. Our media hotline is staffed from 9am-6pm Australian Eastern Time and the centre runs an on-call, out of hours service. When searching for an expert, try our “Find an Expert” module on Scimex first. This module lists more than 1,000 experts with a public profile. If that doesn’t prove fruitful, contact us and we will dig a bit deeper.

Getting your head around…

The AusSMC’s “Getting your head around…” series of occasional, interactive online sessions which provide journalists with up to date information on some of the most topical issues in the current news agenda. These online sessions are not intended to generate coverage (although many do) but instead are intended to help journalists separate out fact from opinion and move beyond the ‘he said – she said’ to really get your head around the issues.

Media Briefings

The AusSMC operates two types of media briefings, ‘News Briefings’ where new research or data is being released, and ‘Background Briefings’ where experts discuss an issue which is in the news or an issue the AusSMC considers newsworthy.  Our briefings are a great way to talk directly to a panel of experts and give you access to accurate, evidence based information about controversial subjects. We want reporters located anywhere in Australia to hear what scientists have to say at AusSMC national media briefings. That’s why all our media briefings are now streamed online so that journalists not able to attend the briefing can still follow the event and ask questions from their desk. Briefings can take the form of physical events but are usually run purely online.

Accessing online briefings

When you log in to an online briefing, you will be able to see the PowerPoint slides on your screen and listen to the discussion via audio streaming.

It is recommended that you start the online event a few minutes before it is due to start using links provided by email, but you can also join the briefing at anytime while it is in progress.


If you wish to ask a question during question time, simply type your question and your affiliation into the Q&A box on your portal screen.

To visit our online portal, click here>>

System requirements:
You will need a broadband connection and have headphones or audio speakers turned on to hear the streaming audio.  Allow approx 1 min for your computer to be configured correctly to our portal, allow ACTIVEX install if prompted

Radio stations wanting to record the briefing audio via a phone line instead, should contact the AusSMC for further details on how to do this.

Technical Difficulties:

If you are having any difficulties logging into the briefing please:

Call WebEx support on 1800 493 239 for any technical assistance with online briefings

Call the AusSMC on 08 7120 8666 for any other queries.