The AusSMC works with journalists to help them cover science as well as identify the science angles in everyday news stories. We are news focused and prioritise our services to mainstream news media outlets.  By registering with the AusSMC you will have access to our full range of services including getting a heads-up to the most newsworthy science stories coming out this week, having expert reaction to breaking news delivered directly to your inbox and access to our online media briefings. A full list of AusSMC services for journalists is available here

Who are the AusSMC’s experts?

The AusSMC draws on a wide range of experts from scientific institutions across Australia.  The AusSMC’s activities inform and sometimes trigger debate, but are not intended to endorse particular policies or boost the profile of specific individuals or organisations. Click here to view the AusSMC policy on who it approaches for scientific and related expertise.

If you have questions or feedback on our choice of experts please feel free to email us.

Operating hours

The AusSMC media hotline is staffed from 9am-6.30 pm Australian Eastern time. Outside these hours the media hotline will direct you to the AusSMC staff member on call. Media hotline: (08) 7120 8666

Embargo Policy

The AusSMC supports quality journalism and recognises that releasing new scientific research under embargo affords more time to ensure accurate coverage. Most embargo times that the AusSMC deals with are set by the journal publishing the research.

By registering with the AusSMC journalists agree to abide by all embargoes on material we issue. It is the responsibility of the registered journalist to ensure the story is not published before the embargo lifts.

We take embargo breaks very seriously. If a media outlet breaks an embargo that we have listed, then we will investigate the breach.We accept that embargo breaks can occur through honest mistakes; however, the onus is on the respective outlet to convince us they will not reoccur and that, where necessary, appropriate procedures have been put in place.

Depending on the severity of the breach, the AusSMC may remove all the outlet’s journalists from our email lists for up to one month.If the media outlet offends again, all staff from the media outlet will be removed from our registered lists for up to three months.Repeat offenders will be removed from our lists indefinitely.

What the media says about the AusSMC

“The AusSMC makes my life as a health reporter much easier.  The officers are very quick to respond and helpful in finding experts locally to speak on camera.  I don’t know what I would do without it!”~Health Reporter, Ten News

“AusSMC provides an essential and invaluable service, even for a specialist journalist working in science.  Information pushed out is relevant and timely, and is clearly and effectively delivered.  Requests are handled quickly, meaning I will continue to use the service because I trust it’ll be handled within my deadline.” ~Science Reporter

“I think the role of the AusSMC is particularly important at this moment in history as we struggle to come to terms with the impact of climate change, and as media professionals, attempt to cover the debate and the issues and explain them to our audience.” ~Radio Broadcaster, Adelaide

“Points to journal articles, conference papers and visiting experts are most useful as these are hard to access.  Key expert comments on big issues are very useful… even if I do not write a story, it makes me better informed in the office and outside, which is very valuable.” ~General Reporter, Fairfax Media

“We are regularly using quotes or comments by scientists about certain issues to provide our readership with a broad range of perspectives provided by experts.  In general, I trust the Centre to get it right in providing a fair balance of views, and this is important for the credibility of our publication.”~Newspaper Editor