“The AusSMC makes my life as a health reporter much easier. The officers are very quick to respond and helpful in finding experts locally to speak on camera. I don’t know what I would do without it!”
~Health Reporter, Ten News

“Essential and invaluable service, even for a specialist journalist working in science. Information pushed out is relevant and timely, and is clearly and effectively delivered. Requests are handled quickly, meaning I will continue to use the service because I trust it’ll be handled within my deadline.”
~Specialist Reporter

“I think the role of the AusSMC is particularly important at this moment in history as we struggle to come to terms with the impact of climate change, and as media professionals, attempt to cover the debate and the issues and explain them to our audience.”
~Radio Broadcaster, Adelaide

“Points to journal articles, conference papers and visiting experts are most useful as these are hard to access. Key expert comments on big issues are very useful… even if I do not write a story, it makes me better informed in the office and outside, which is very valuable.”
~General Reporter, Fairfax Media

“We are regularly using quotes or comments by scientists about certain issues to provide our readership with a broad range of perspectives provided by experts. In general, I trust the Centre to get it right in providing a fair balance of views, and this is important for the credibility of our publication.”
~Newspaper Editor

“The AusSMC has revolutionised the way science is communicated in Australia”
~Professor Neville Nicholls, Monash University

“This is an excellent initiative. It has helped shape our coverage of issues as diverse as drought, nuclear power and the death of Steve Irwin”
~Richard Pullin, Reuters Australia Bureau Chief

“There are experts out there that journalists would never connect with if it wasn’t for the AusSMC”
~Kate Jones, Herald Sun, News Ltd.

“The live-stream was great! It was so convenient for me to listen in…I had my story nutted out well before Melbourne fed the vision to us”
~Emily Rice, Environment Reporter, Ten News Sydney

“With access to the best scientific brains, many of whom are good communicators, the AusSMC provides a wonderful service and is eminently worthy of support”
~Emeritus Professor Sir Gustav Nossal AC CBE, University of Melbourne

“The Australian Science Media Centre acts as an excellent ‘brains trust’ for journalists, providing a central contact point for science stories of the day while they’re still fresh in the news cycle”
~Wilson da Silva, Editor in Chief, COSMOS Magazine

“At a time when science and the politics of science are playing an increasingly important role in the lives of eveyday Australians, the ability to decipher complex issues and present a balanced perspective has never been more vital. The AusSMC has filled an historical void in this area and I would expect its influence to continue to grow”
~Tim Dornin, Senior Journalist, AAP

“The Science Media Centre has been incredibly helpful…in increasing the amount and variety of scientific content carried on current affairs programs at ABC Radio Australia. I got one of the [AusSMC] team out of bed at 6.30am…to chase an interviewee, and her only comment was ‘What’s your deadline?’ Brilliant service, great people”
~Corinne Podger, Senior Journalist, ABC Radio Australia