UPDATE: Mapping obesity in Australia – infographic

Sun Aug 18, 2013

Australia is getting fatter. Since 1980 rates of obesity have increased across the country and this infographic, developed by the AusSMC in collaboration with BakerIDI and The Conversation, shows just how quickly obesity has become a major issue for Australia. To coincide with the release of Baker IDI’s new AusDiab survey results on Monday Aug 19, we have updated the infographic to include obesity data from 2012. The infographic was produced with a grant from the Myer Foundation.

Simply by drinking one less soft drink or glass of wine per day, or by adding a 30-45 minute moderate-intensity walk we could all help stop this trend in its tracks.

Projected rates of obesity are based on the AusDiab data model. Analysis by Kathryn Backholer, Baker IDI, using these methods. The relationship between change in energy intake or expenditure and weight was based on this study.

Media outlets are welcome to use this infographic as part of any coverage of this issue over the coming months as long as you abide by the Creative Commons license and credit the AusSMC.  For iframe information, contact us.


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